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We partner with vendors/suppliers directly through our companies’ contracts or provide consulting services to those vendors/suppliers that wish to hold their own contracts

Our services include buying and reselling of products to the government, marketing, financing, transportation, business systems integrations, office management and business process reengineering to improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs, engineering support, logistics support, training support & government acquisitions services.

Product Categories


Lowboy, Flatbed, Drop Deck, Tag Along Dump, Enclosed and more…


Flatbed, Service, Dump, Chassis,
Water, Fuel, Plow and more…

Truck Bodies

Dump, Flatbed, Service, Water, Fuel Custom, Personnel, and more…

Snow & Ice

Snow and Ice Equipment: Blades, Scrapers, Ice, Spreaders…


The Government procurement industry is one of the most complex industries, involving multiple participants and processes. From the supplier analysis and management, equipment knowledge to the entire procurement process, ensuring regulatory compliance is critical.Regulatory Affairs is an essential function within the government procurement process, where it plays a vital role in ensuring compliant and quality products the men and women who utilize the equipment in the field. This function includes managing the entire lifecycle of equipment from design to spec compliance, including onsite follow and customer feedback.
ARIA CSS offers comprehensive solutions for Federal, State and Local agencies looking to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. We help our clients navigate the complex landscape of government procurement, working closely with procurement officers, fleet managers and suppliers to ensure that their products receive timely approvals and meet strict regulatory requirements and are of the highest quality.

Manufacturing consulting services on processes & procedures.

From Engineering / Design to work instructions and training.

Government contracting consulting services.

As an agent or consultant for contracts, problem resolution and analysis.

Business systems analysis and consulting

Implementation, Operational and IT risk assessment as well as problem resolution assistance.

CRM analysis & implementation

We can help develop or tailor systems to increase efficiency.

Organizational structure & program management tools or consulting.
Workflow and organizational development.
Engineering services & consulting.
Spec review and design to meet all compliance requirements.
Training and training support or consulting on government contracts for products offered.

We offer a wide array of training for every area of the procurement life cycle.

Integrated logistics support for government contracts.

Partnerships with brokerages, local contacts and SDDC compliance.

Technical manual writing or support for government contracts.
Creation, review and editing support.
Contract deliverables writing or support for government contracts.

Timeline management tools and automation ensure on-time submissions.

Test support for government contracts or consulting.
Testing support to minimize risk and costs.
Marketing services, support or consulting for products offered.

Branding, Online and Social Media marketing as well as compliance and regulatory adherence.

Lead generation services for products offered.
Penetrate new markets and connect with new market segments, while managing communications for optimum customer service.


We help to manage, negotiate, purchase, deliver and maintain equipment for our customers.


ARIA CSS has been a reliable and efficient source for customers ever increasing market and job site demands that are typically difficult for less experienced providers.

We have worked through every phase of the equipment life cycle and are fully prepared for what ever need arises. Our sales team will work around the clock to source the right equipment or service in the shortest and most efficient manner that can be provided.

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