No More Red Tape

End-to-End Procurement to Delivery

Bring us your requirements and we’ll respond with Solutions. ARIA CSS has over 25 years of experience in the government contracting sector. ARIA CSS is a supplier of transportation equipment (Trucks, Truck Bodies & Trailers), procurement support & acquisition services, consulting services, engineering support and logistics/supply chain solutions. We offer access to a large selection of suppliers, products, and services with a wide array of procurement and contracting options. We strive to provide the highest quality support to assist you through the entire process.

Heavy Equipment Procurement &

From sourcing manufactures and suppliers, to finalizing contracts and deliveries, ARIA CSS is the Gatekeeper to everything you need to succeed, when you need it, where you need it.

Sourcing the Right Solutions

ARIA CSS offers various procurement channels and solutions to simplify the procurement process, and has the proven track record to find the ideal source for any situation.





We began as a solid team of experienced professionals who have served in every aspect of the equipment life cycle phases. ARIA CSS is dedicated to ensuring that our customers, partners and vendors receive the customer service, which includes product updates,
innovation, design and optimal communication services.




Our Mission

Simplifying the procurement lifecycle to allow our customers to succeed and our partners to thrive.

Our Purpose

ARIA CSS is the premier gateway for buyers to secure quality goods from reputable suppliers. We navigate the ‘muddy waters’ of government contracting to ensure swift action
and expedient results.