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Simplifying the Procurement Lifecycle
Manufacturers → End Users → Service
With over 20 years of experience in government contracting, manufacturing, sales, & marketing we are able to offer a one stop solution for companies to get inserted into the procurement lifecycle with Local, State & Federal government agencies. Aria CSS provides sales more as a service with the benefits of a knowledgeable team experienced in all aspects of the procurement lifecycle.


Curtiss Homan

Curtiss Homan


Responsible for an estimated $650 Million in sales throughout his 17 Year Career.

Kristen Homan

Kristen Homan


10 Years of Legal Compliance and Auditor of Prime Government Contracts.

Efficient handling from Requests to delivery

Authorized and Certified to navigate through all means of procurement and delivery services, ARIA CSS has partnered with experts in their respective fields to ensure quick and timely results.

Seamless and focus-driven, our connections consistently result in Lower Costs across the board and better deals for all parties involved.


Aria CSS meets all Federal & State regulations concerning our business. Our sam.gov cage code is 9ELD2 and UEID is C6QGEJWK3Y59 which are needed to bid on federal contracts. We also screen each supplier to ensure compliance to the same regulations falling under CFR’s, FAR, DFAR and those pertaining to specific bid requirements.